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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an important phytochemical present in hemp plants. It's one of the few identified naturally occurring cannabinoids in plants. CBD is present in up to 40 percent of the leaf extract. It has been proven to be an anti-psychotic anxiety, anti-spastic, anti-anxiety, an anti-mutagen, and possibly a cancer-fighting compound. There are no currently known adverse effects when using it by adults, although the long-term effects of using it have not been investigated. It has been utilized in Europe for long periods of time as a remedy for muscles spasms and other ailments like anxiety, nausea, depression, irritability, seizures, and sleep disorders. Get more information about Susz Konopny


Two years ago, the first clinical trial on cannabidiol oil was published. A double blind controlled clinical trial conducted by a group of students at the University of Nottingham in the UK using CBD oil which contained three varieties of cannabis. Two of these strains had a high concentration of THC that the group called CBD as well as a control group who received a placebo. After two weeks of treatment, there was a significant reduction in the group that received CBD and in the group receiving placebo however, there was no difference. The results of this study proved that CBD has medical benefits beyond those of THC, proving it to be a valid drug.


Recent studies have demonstrated that CBD can also provide health benefits. One study suggests that CBD may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This degenerative condition is common in nature and affects the memory and judgment as well as the language of people over time. The disease affects the brain's cells. These cells are responsible for keeping our thinking processes in a healthy state. According to studies, CBD seems to protect the brain cells from becoming diseased and also an consequence of treating Alzheimer's disease.


Another of the possible health benefits of CBD comes from the fact that the extracts of the cannabis plant are highly effective in preventing epileptic seizures in children. Epilepsy is a disorder where people experience seizures frequently throughout the month without a clear cause. Doctors have identified CBD as a drug ingredient that has been proven to reduce seizures. Parents of children suffering from epilepsy have decided to start using CBD as a preventative measure and are now taking CBD oil extract.


Although many people don't know that, there are many health benefits associated with CBD. It is thought to be one of the most effective natural remedies for "anxiety disorder" which doctors refer to as "anxiety". Anxiety disorders can include generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and certain fears. There have been numerous studies conducted on animals, such as rats and mice, which have shown to be greatly affected by the presence of CBD. It is believed that CBD can help reduce anxiety levels. This could be in itself or when it is combined with other natural compounds, such as Gummy Bear Oil (a derivative of CBD).


In addition, there is now an increasing body of evidence that suggests CBD may help to alleviate the symptoms associated with sleep apnea and bedwetting in children. Two weeks of CBD treatment significantly improved the quality and duration of sleep for seven children aged 7 with sleep apnea that is obstructive. This was in contrast to a placebo group that received a psychoactive antihistamine. Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center found an improvement in the quality of sleep in the ADHD group but not in the placebo group. Further studies are in progress.


Finally, the CBD is believed to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may help prevent cancer. In a recent study mice were given small amounts of CBD, which led to an increase in the amount of insulin they produced. There was also a decrease in the growth of tumors. While this was performed with the CBD, it is likely that other components in the cannabis plant are responsible for the effects. Therefore it is recommended that patients begin taking cbd oil in conjunction with other extracts from herbs like Gummy Bear Oil, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum or Arctostaphylos uva ursi.


Because CBD oil is used to treat a variety of illnesses, it has become a fascinating area of research. Currently, CBD is used in pharmaceuticals, such as muscle relaxants and sedatives. Before CBD becomes mainstream, however it will require more studies to discover how the extract interacts with other natural substances. At present, it is being considered as a possible alternative to traditional treatments.

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