A 12 Step Recovery Program



The 12 Steps are used in many unique fellowships today, all coping with an addiction of some sort, be it sex, gambling, drugs, over-eating, co-dependence or other people. The 12 Step programme is a source of hope for any particular person needing help with addiction. The programme is based on spirituality, not religion, and has come to be one of your most well-liked recovery programmes in South Africa as well as the world. Get a lot more info about step one aa step 1 worksheet


Stepping Stones to Freedom

The programme can be a journey which progresses by way of the rest of a recovering addict's life: any 12 Step fellowships regards addiction in any type as a illness, not a moral failing.


There's no cure, no miracle drug that may cure the illness which, if not stopped, is progressive: it worsens continuously and benefits in the addict becoming jailed, institutionalised or dying. Since the disease of addiction is incurable, it can be recommended that an addict in search of recovery will should work the 12 Measures for the rest of their life if they want to abstain constantly, however a "one day at a time" strategy is heavily emphasised inside the programme.


An addict will probably be introduced by the rehabilitation centre they may be in, by word of mouth, or by way of a 12 Step fellowship's personal efforts - most have subcommittees accountable for carrying their message of hope and recovery to those that are unaware that an answer is probable.


What do the 12 Steps do?

A 12 Step programme consists of 5 key components (in no certain order): functioning the 12 Actions by way of written work, attending 12 Step meetings, service in the 12 Step fellowship, sponsor contact, reading literature, and prayer and meditation having a Higher Power.


The methods are explored by way of the programme: Measures 1, 2 and 3 involve the addict admitting that there is a problem, in search of hope inside a power that is greater than they may be and permitting this higher power to work in their lives. Measures 4, 5, 6, and 7 involve the addict taking an inventory of themselves which they study to a trusted particular person in their lives. In addition they take note of which patterns take place in their lives because of their very own faults. The addict then prepares to begin a life living without the need of these character defects with the help of their greater power.


Actions 8 and 9 are when the addict tends to make a list of everyone they have harmed and make amends to them, but only if carrying out so is not going to trigger any harm to other folks or themselves.


Measures 10 and 11 involve the addict continuing to take a short inventory on a daily basis to help keep in verify with their behaviours and stay vigilant while using prayer and meditation to know which directions their lives ought to take, even though it involves a thing very simple.


Step 12 notes that by this time, an addict working the measures may have had a spiritual awakening from functioning Steps 1 to the end of 11. Twelfth Step asks that the addict aids other individuals who are in difficulty with their addiction as well as to apply what they have discovered to their life. As soon as Step 12 is finished, Step 1 is started once again because the process never ends and also the addict is under no circumstances cured.


What does a 12 Step Programme Consists of?

12 Step meetings take place in any public domain along with a meeting is structured and run by the addicts in attendance. Meetings follow the 12 Traditions which are guidelines to help keep each and every fellowship, group and member secure from troubles such as internal conflict and outside influences. The meetings are self-supporting and follow a particular format depending on how the group feels the meeting really should be run. The group is accountable for creating any decisions involving the meeting and is often a true instance of addicts operating with each other to arrest their addictions. Meetings can either go over a topic or have a member 'share' their experiences in their recovery. Members have the opportunity to share back for the speaker or around the topic throughout an allotted time.


Service involves something within the fellowship which can be selfless and for which there's no reward aside from assisting other folks. A meeting will have certain service positions which are filled by addicts on a rotational basis but service also includes sponsorship. Sponsorship is definitely the act of guiding a less knowledgeable addict in their fellowship via the 12 Methods and sharing their experience. It is advised that each and every member features a sponsor and that each member becomes a sponsor after they are prepared.


The literature is different for every single 12 Step fellowship but the 12 Actions remain the same. Every single fellowship features a basic text book which can be a guide to the precise fellowship. Other literature available contains step functioning guides, collections of day-to-day meditations and books exploring each step and tradition in detail. These are written using the specific fellowship in mind.


Higher Power contact via prayer and meditation is extremely essential towards the 12 Steps. As the programme is according to spirituality, it really is vital for an addict to participate in typical prayer and meditation. This is what will retain the addict from straying within the wrong path and can assist them in having the ability to accept life's problems.


Help for Addiction by Addicts

A 12 Step programme isn't one thing which might be accomplished overnight. In truth, it can in no way be achieved; it can be a continuous journey of vigilance.


Even so, even though the programme demands a thorough application to the principles and methods for prolonged sobriety, the modifications and breakthroughs skilled by members are good and continuous. A lot so that they come to be accustomed to a "normal" life. Member's requirements adjust from chaos to calm and they become accepting of a great life, filled with enriching experiences and positivity.


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