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How it Performs
About Texas apostilles

The Texas Secretary of State - Corporations Section issues two kinds of authentications of public documents: apostilles and certifications. Apostilles are used by countries participating inside the Hague Convention. Certifications are applied by countries that usually do not participate. Get more information about apostille texas

You'll be able to request apostilles with the Texas Secretary of State by mail or in person. Submit the original notarized or certified document, a self-addressed envelope, along with the foreign nation in which the apostille might be applied, and also the state will situation the apostille.

The statutory charge is $15 per authentication.

Texas, and every other state, only authenticates signatures on documents that have been issued in Texas. If you have a document, including Articles of Incorporation, which have been issued in another state, you will need to get in touch with that Secretary of State.

Processing time
After you order your apostille by means of us, we make the various state filing alternatives available to you which includes over-the-counter service. Our local representatives can pick up your apostille at the state office.

Do I have to have a certified copy with the document just before I can acquire an apostille?
Texas demands the original certified or notarized document to issue the apostille. If you do not have this, for an additional fee we can retrieve the document for you personally.

Regularly Asked Questions
When doing organization in lots of nations abroad, you may be essential to obtain an apostille of company documents. An apostille is really a variety of certification that will be used in countries participating inside the Hague Convention. A state will challenge an apostille of a notarized signature on a document, and lists the distinct country in which the document will be applied. Apostilles and certifications might be obtained for public and private documents, like corporate filings, diplomas, degrees, and job applications, marital and adoption documents, and deeds and contracts. Harbor Compliance can obtain an apostille or certification for any corporate document, for example Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Merger.

Apostille vs. certification
Apostilles are utilized for those nations that take part in the Hague Convention. For all those nations that do not participate, a certification are going to be utilized rather than an apostille. Certification generally demands more critique by the Usa Department of State or by the embassy in the destination nation.

Tips on how to acquire certified copies
In an effort to acquire an apostille of a corporate document in most states, it's essential to submit a certified copy on the corporate document. In lots of states, this happens in a various division from where apostilles are issued, adding time and confusion for the process. Harbor Compliance makes it simple. We can acquire certified copies fast, so that you will get your Texas apostille once you need it.

Notarization of documents
Almost every state demands your documents to be notarized before submitting the apostille application. Spend careful focus to which body has the authority to notarize these documents, as it can take spot in the city, county, or state level.

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