Grand Opening of 2018 Shanghai Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Midsummer Festival Developing Bridge amongst Entrepreneurs and Investors


2018 Shanghai Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Midsummer Festival was grandly opened at Shanghai Huaxin Huixiang Center. The activities with the event was jointly organized by Xuhui District Government of Shanghai, Instruments and Electronics (Shanghai) Associates (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “INESA”) and Microsoft China, and hosted by YunsaiSpace, the operator of “Xuhui-Instruments and Electronics Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform”. Get more information about

The Midsummer Festival activities lasted for 10 days, which includes 5 parts, namely, the Opening Ceremony, the Yunsai Space DemoDay, the Leading-edge Technology Introduction - Hands-on Experimental Camp, the Saimarathon Business Matching Conference, and also the Microsoft Accelerator DemoDay, too as one-week Black Technology Fair. The festival was a grand occasion not merely for entrepreneurs, but also for all black technologies and innovative enthusiasts.

Using the theme of “Witness, Innovation, and Creation”, the event hoped to construct a two-way flow of science and technologies sources, connecting China and also the globe to achieve industrial integration and win-win symbiosis for each firms and industries, thereby realizing the reconstruction of technological merchandise, consumption upgrading, technological innovation and cultural pursuits to assist a group of medium, smaller, and micro-innovation organizations recognize their dream of redefining advanced science and technologies.

The grand opening of 2018 Shanghai Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Midsummer Festival built a bridge in between entrepreneurs and investors, and also set sail for the thrilling occasion followed. The brilliant sparks generated from the make contact with involving entrepreneurs and investors around the stage from the festival will surely form a new wave of vitality on the road of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.

The occasion would not have been succeeded with no Shanghai’s powerful support for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Yunsai Space can also be dedicated to really open the marketplace for entrepreneurs and to seek out appropriate partners for them. Mr. Xia Jun, Head of Yunsai Space, stated, “There are about 400 to 500mass entrepreneur incubators in Shanghai. They supply infrastructure solutions largely, although entrepreneurs are a lot more in want of close and correct resource matching solutions. Yunsai Space is not brief of workplace leasing and activity space, or general-purpose courses associated to entrepreneurial coaching and coaching. The real constraint on the capability of incubators to push innovation to a deeper level is usually to accurately grasp the requirements of entrepreneurs. The operator ought to connect with massive sources on the platform with complete enthusiasm to customize helpful service according to qualities in the teams for them to benefit in the incubation procedure. Yunsai Space has generally been practicing the entrepreneur-based concept to assist start-up enterprises develop inside the fertile soil from the platform.”

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