Tips on how to pay a visit to the pink lakes of Las Coloradas


LAS COLORADAS is really a compact town positioned in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The town is well-known for its pink lakes. These lakes had been built by the salt factory in the town and they are used for salt production. The vibrant pink color is brought on by microorganisms in the water, which include plankton and algae, which thrive in salty conditions. Get more details about las coloradas tour

Ways to get there
The airport nearest to the pink lakes is in Cancun. Low-priced flights is usually booked from many North American and European destinations. After in Cancun, the pink lakes are about a 3-hour drive away. It can be very best to rent a car and drive your self, as the town is within a remote location.

What you should contemplate
Swimming within the pink lakes is no longer allowed. However, on your way to Las Coloradas you will pass an entire coast of lovely blue beaches. You'll want to cease for any swim there as an alternative.

Las Coloradas is very small and so there is absolutely no accommodation inside the town. Your ideal bet should be to remain in Rio Lagartos, which can be the closest key city. It can be about 30 minutes away from Las Coloradas.

When driving near the pink lakes, be cautious with the salt delivery trucks and trailers. Some are extremely big and can take up the complete road.

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